The re-enactment group ”Legio Dacica” was constituted to carry out cultural and educational activities, both in Romania, as well as abroad with the intention to promote the local cultural patrimony in the European context.

Since its foundation until present, the organization carried out a series of activities with cultural and educational character during different events organised by different intuitions in the country and abroad.

Our cultural and educational activities addresses all categories of individuals with their main purpose to promote (especially amongst children and young people) of historical realities based on historical and scientific arguments. Besides general activities during festivals, our group also organizes other related activities such as: crafts, gastronomy, traditional arts, fighting techniques, antique rituals and many more. These activities are unfolded during re-enactment festivals and youth camps. The members of our groups, dressed in specific antique equipment, participated in public lectures, conferences and other events.

Besides the cultural and educational character of our activities, they are intended to be also leisure time for the spectators.

Our workshops include:
- arrows making
- bow shooting
- fighting with Dacian armament and costume
- Dacian shields painting
- weave textiles
- Dacian potions and medicinal herbs
- leathercraft
- chainmail weaving
- public interaction and presentation of Dacian weapons and history